Employment Ideas for Seniors


Retired seniors with specialized experience and/or advanced degrees often become consultants. This allows them to share valuable knowledge and experience with others and work at their own convenience. There are many companies that actively seek retired finance professionals, lawyers and computer programmers to act as consultants for short-term projects.


Temporary jobs provide an opportunity for you to work at your own leisure. These may include general office jobs, such as customer services, order processing and bookkeeping. Typical assignment duration can range from one day to a few weeks. Look for the local job postings in your area that seek temporary employees and apply at your earliest.


Some small businesses seek professionals who can work from home. These include accountancy outsourcing firms, bookkeepers and content writers (freelancers). If you have experience in any of these fields, you can work from home for any of these businesses. All you’ll need is a laptop and a high speed internet.


If you’re looking for a low-stress job that carries a light responsibility and allows you to stay active, then a part-time job is just what you need. Several retail positions, sales-oriented jobs, children services and teaching assistant jobs need part-time employees, irrespective of their age and gender.


Many senior retirees are looking for jobs that allow them to give something back to their community. These jobs tend to pay very little and are often seeking unpaid volunteers. There are several animal shelters, religious organizations and Peace Corps that accept older individuals, in a good health, to work for them. Peace Corps also allows a legally married senior couple to work and serve together.

Rescind the Job Offer

Following are some reasons why you should rescind an offer.

• Background check failed
• Drug screen failed
• Physical failed
• Candidate falsified information on their application
• Candidate did not accept the offer within the agreed upon time
• Candidate indicates poor character towards the end of the offer process
• Candidate has unrealistic requests to make changes to the offer
• Candidate has a counter-offer from current employer that they want to accept
• Candidate fails to show up for first day of employment without explanation

*Notice none of the above reasons mentioned rescinding an offer due to receiving poor references. Leave reference checking out of the equation. Reference checking is not worth the defamation and legal risks for being sued. When reference checking most companies are wise to only verify employment dates, titles and confirm whether or not the candidate is eligible for rehire.

Reasons why you may not want to rescind the offer:

• You fear looking foolish to your superiors
• You feel bad for the candidate
• You need to make the hire
• You are never wrong
• It will take too long to find another candidate (

Reasons why you should not rescind an offer: Discrimination. A sample of what would be considered is your new hire starts their job and informs you they are Muslim and need to wear their hijab to work. You can not rescind the offer at this point unless you want to fear being sued for religious discrimination. Another example is during the job offer the candidate informs you that they are diabetic but they have it under control. You become concerned about how this might impact your health insurance rates and you want to rescind the offer. Don’t rescind that offer unless you want to fear being sued under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Another more common example might be where you make an offer to a female, who informs you during the offer process that she is pregnant. Don’t rescind that offer unless you want to fear being sued under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Let’s dig a little deeper into why you should rescind an offer. One of the reasons for rescinding an offer is the candidate informs you that they received a counter-offer from their current employer. If the candidate indicates they are going to accept the counter-offer wish them well and send a follow up email confirming that your offer will be rescinded due to candidate informing you they are accepting a counter-offer from their current employer. Do not engage in a financial/benefits tug-of-war between the candidate’s current employer and your firm. Do not inquire as to what the counter-offer contained. Unfortunately it is a fact of life that the occasional candidate will interview solely for the purpose of getting an offer and using that offer to prompt their current employer to ante up and provide them with a counter-offer. Most candidates don’t realize that when they accept a counter-offer their employer is now wise to the fact that they are out shopping around and will put plans into place to find a replacement for the candidate. The counter-offer often is just a way to keep the candidate with the firm a little bit longer while the replacement is found.

Another reason to rescind an offer is the candidate has unrealistic requests to make changes to the offer. By the time an offer is extended verbally both parties should have a realistic expectation as to what the offer will come in at. More than one person will have interacted with the candidate and confirmed what their skills strengths are and this too will drive the offer figure determination. When a reasonable offer is extended followed by unreasonable requests presented by the candidate you may want to cut bait and let the candidate go. Case in point, there was a candidate that received an offer from the company I was working for one year prior to them applying to a role I was now responsible for filling. Her skills seemed to be a match for my role so I called the recruiter that worked with her for the prior offer. I learned that the candidate turned down our offer a year ago as she was seeking a greater income. The role I had available had a greater salary range than the previous role she applied for. After consideration we progressed this candidate through our normal interview process and decided to extend an offer to her. Our offer was generous allowing for a significant increase in her current base; overall it was a much better offer than what she received from the company a year prior. After extending the verbal offer the candidate requested a generous sign-on bonus as well as increase in vacation time off. I told the candidate that I would look into her request and call her back within the hour. I called the candidate again and this time I had to leave a voice message to communicate that we could offer her a sign-on bonus but were not able to allow for additional vacation time as that was standard company policy which was not a negotiable item. The candidate emailed me back indicating they received my voice message (red-flag as #1 They knew I was calling back with results from their request and didn’t answer the phone. #2 They chose to email a response vs calling and talking to me directly.) and asked to be allowed to work via home because the offer was lower than what they hoped for so therefore they had to factor in the cost of gas to get to the job site which was less than 30 miles away from their home address. They asked for commuter assistance in terms of reimbursement options and then they requested the offer be written up formally. The candidate knew our offer process required verbal acceptance followed by the offer written up formally for review and written acceptance. Combined with her prior offer battle and subsequent downturn it was clear the candidate would have no end in site with requests moreover they expressed the need to be in control of the company’s policies and processes. This was a time when the company rightfully rescinded the verbal offer.

Following is a case in point for rescinding an offer for poor character or better put, lack of maturity. After a verbal offer was extended to our candidate, instead of asking for a higher base or bonus the candidate emailed me the following: ‘One question for you – Could you tell me a bit more about how raises work at CompanyX? I’ve heard that raises are few and far between at CompanyX.’ In addition to this question, that was more of a slam on the company’s reputation than a request for an increase in base pay, the candidate took the time to express dissatisfaction with how long the interview process took. The candidate signed their email, ‘Cheers, Patty’ The email wasn’t a total surprise as there were small red flags throughout the interview process that indicated Patty may have a negative outlook. The hiring managers chose to overlook the red flags since a company leader referred Patty to them. I later learned that the company leader didn’t know Patty. The leader bumped into Patty at a social event where she asked if he could assist her in finding a new position with our company. The leader simply passed along her resume to the team that he thought might be interested in her. The negative tone along with the continual topic of raises caused management to sensibly rescind the verbal offer.

A word about feedback when rescinding an offer. Provide as little detail as possible. Give an inch of feedback and expect a mile of arguing and potential lawsuits.

About Posting Jobs in Job Boards

During the times, the growth of the internet was very slow. However, now the time has changed. Internet connectivity has reached throughout the globe, even covering small towns, districts and rural areas. This hassle free way of applying to various job opportunities have provided enormous opportunities for the people to serve in the domain, which they are passionate and enthusiastic about.

Several small, medium and large scale organizations are taking the advantage of this technology to find the right people for their company. Many of them take the help of free online tools to generate awareness about the vacancies in their company.

Now a days many job portals offer job postings with no cost, which allow several companies to post their hiring requirements online at a minimal or negligible cost.

A free job posting offer numerous advantages. Here are some of the advantages experienced by big companies to catch right talent from an ocean of fishes.

· Minimal Expenses

· Ease to post

· Spread of information

· Free live metrics

If you ever been to the Human Resource Department, what it takes to process a job application. This helps to save your expenses by cutting down the cost incurred while posting a job online.

The steps involved in posting the jobs online are very simple and flexible. Anyone having the basic computer skills can post the jobs online in a hassle free manner.

Free job posting sites are nourished with hoards of users. With the help of job listing, you get an advantage to post a job having reach to thousands of users. This helps in delivering the cream information to the masses within a short span of time.

Being a Freelance Android Developer in Singapore

The good news


The biggest perk of being a freelance developer is the freedom. You have no one breathing down your neck and you can choose which job to accept. Having direct talks with the clients gives you a better idea of what they want and no one can interfere with your creative process. This makes things more efficient and you only need to answer to the client.

Easy to enter

The Android industry is progressing spectacularly in Singapore right now. The country was the first in Asia to introduce Android Pay, the new version of Google Wallet, in collaboration with MasterCard just last month. There are plenty of resources to get you started on your own and fewer restrictions by Google Play Store during app launch.

Cost effective

Apple and other major operating systems are pricey when it comes to development. Both the hardware and software is costly, making it difficult for a freelance app developer. Android is the best choice with a one-time registration fee of 25 USB compared to Apple’s annual 99 USD. The standard 30{41a62b63d9c58cf9dde98c47930f4cd194683f44bbb7cb40938e9e2e77046ac2} commission applies for app sales on Google Play Store.

Free SDK

An app developer cannot survive without tools so you need to look closer at the costs involved there as well. Apple’s SDK cost is included in the annual iOS Developer Program fee but Android’s SDK is completely free and available for download on Windows, Linux, etc.

Time is right

As the Android industry is at its peak in Singapore at the moment, there couldn’t be a better time for looking into freelance Android app developer. The growth is expected to increase in the near future as there is a huge market for Android apps in the country.

The bad news


There are so many versions of Android still in use among the population that most businesses prefer to launch their Android app on more than one. There are still more to come so it is harder to design apps for numerous versions according to the device specifications.

Less legal protection

Since there is no proper union for freelancers in Singapore, they are not eligible for benefits like medical, leaves, legal rights like regular employees. However, positive steps are being taken in this regard. In March this year, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) stressed that freelancers required a reliable system to safeguard their rights.

Payment woes

The biggest issue in freelancing is money although native Android app developers are very well paid and in high demand. Even when the task is complete, the client may be lazy about transferring your payment. They are often under the impression that rates are negotiable and they can get the work done for cheaper just because you are a freelancer. There is also no annual raise like permanent employees receive.

No ownership

Being a freelance developers sometimes means that you cannot claim intellectual and confidential property rights to your work. This may hinder your professional growth and of course, you might refuse jobs such as these reducing your options.

No third-party support

If your professional rights are violated in any way, you cannot seek the help of a union because such a thing does not exist in Singapore. You will either have to give up or settle for something much less because there is no suitable representation for you by law.